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Vidmate video editor

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The Vidmate app is a video maker and editor that produces stunning videos with the utilization of its various features. You can export these videos to various social media sites with no watermarks without having to purchase any premium subscription.
Another unique feature of this app is the absence of advertisements when editing videos. Enjoy peaceful editing without the annoyance of banner ads which frequently appear in other editing applications.
Other than video making facilities take advantage of the slideshow maker that can create beautiful clips in a matter of seconds. With the layouts provided one can string photos together and add music to enhance the mood of the media.
Using the 9Apps online tool one can download all types of media and files including the Vidmate App for free. This apps store will permit the safe and secure download and installation of an application onto your device.
·  Merge and trim tools: the tools rendered by this app allow its users to cut and join videos and create new ones. They perform all these editing functions without damaging the quality of the media.
·  Split and splice: with easy to follow interface efficiently split videos into several segments without consuming much time. 
·  Speed control: one can export videos and adjust the speed of the video by using slow-motion and the fast-motion features that will transform videos into something amazing.
·  Filters and effects: like with any great editor have access to various styles of filters and effects with the option of adding texts to your videos with a diverse choice of fonts, color, and size.
·  Color settings: Customize your video clips by changing the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the media creating a unique filter suitable for your video.
·  Music: Add music for free to your video that is featured by Vidmate or your soundtracks with the feature of adjusting the volume of it as well.
·  Video background: chose from the border option you can decorate your video with or change the background color from black, white or opt for blurring it.
·  Flip and rotate: Modify your videos by choosing to rotate it 90 degrees or flip it horizontally or vertically and also avail of the option to change the video ratio according to your preference.
·  Share: export your finished masterpiece on any social media site like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more. 
After the video is ready you can choose from the many options to pick a video quality and then it will proceed to be compressed in and converted. This app provides HD videos to be produced for free supporting a resolution up to 4K.
By downloading the Vidmate app from 9Apps you can have all these features directly at your disposal including the upgraded version which has enhanced performance and additional sound effects. Creating and editing videos using this software is an extremely efficient way of producing unique videos that will attract many people to your social media posts.